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About Me

I love building mobile apps!

About 5 years ago, a company I worked for asked me to build a POC (proof-of-concept) for a cross-platform (iOS & Android) scheduling mobile app that they wanted so their investment team could use something internally to communicate their schedules and book appointments. And the rest, as they say, is history!

I fell in love with mobile development, specifically cross-platform mobile development using Xamarin.Forms and now, .NET MAUI frameworks that target iOS and Android platforms.

I live with my family (including 2 dogs) in Kenosha, Wisconsin. When I'm not working on mobile apps, I'm sewing, quilting, or knitting. I love outdoor activities, most recently, kayaking. I love motorsports and ride a motorcycle and an ATV whenever I can. My husband and I travel and love 'glamping' in the national parks.


Mobile App Development

I have over 10 years experience working in mobile development for various companies as well as my own apps. I have the experience working with Xamarin, as well as .NET MAUI, Xamarin's replacement. I have experience in other frameworks, React Native, Flutter, and the native iOS and Android code.

Full-Stack Web Development

Over 20 years experience working with the Microsoft .NET framework, C#, SQL Server, and over 10 years experience working with the Azure cloud-based platform. I've built hundreds of web applications for various clients.

API & Middleware Development

I've built many APIs using the .NET framework. I've deployed to Azure and Apigee for API management. I've been on several data integration projects and built middleware and backend systems to connect client applications.


RockBandNameGenerator App image

RockBandNameGenerator App

Just a fun little app that randomly generates rock band names from a list of strings. I created this to learn .NET MAUI and to integrate Google Admob ads into mobile apps. Just press the black button and the app will display a rock band name. Or, you can spin the top and bottom pickers to create your own name. Thousands of possibilities! In final review on both iOS and Android app stores. Rock on!

MyFabricTracker App image

MyFabricTracker App

This is an app I created to help hobbyists track their personal fabric inventory so their fabric stash is always with them on their mobile device. Just take a photo of the fabric, enter the details, how many yards you have, and you've got your stash at your fingertips! You can categorize your fabrics, keep track of quilt shops you've visited, and backup your data and send your backups anywhere! The app is currently in review to be published in the Apple and Google Play stores.

MyRideTracker web page image MyRideTracker web page image

MyRideTracker Website

This was a pet project of mine so I could learn and get familiar with .NET Core and Azure. I purchased a motorcycle in 2019 and wanted to keep track of my rides, gas mileage and service appointments. I used full-stack .NET Core 3.1, SQL Server, C# and deployed to Azure. I used bootstrap 5 for the front-end design.

More Projects

*These projects are just a few highlights of the many projects I've worked on over the years. I'm always working, producing apps to help me keep up with the latest technologies and trends in app development. App development is a really fun, creative process that I enjoy doing in my spare time as well.

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